Lawn Care Services in Oswego, IL

Are you looking for a reliable lawn service company you can trust? Look no further. GTZ landscapers specialize in commercial and residential lawn management services at affordable prices. We offer full turf and landscape maintenance all season long.

For more than 10 years, customers in Oswego, Illinois rely in our weekly mowing and turf lawn renovation to keep their lawns green, healthy, and disease free.

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Lawn Service Company in Oswego, IL

Launched over ten years ago, we’ve made it our mission to provide top-quality lawn care services at affordable rates throughout the Oswego, Illinois area. We aim to help you improve your natural outdoor spaces using quality products, skilled crews, and our commitment to environment protection.

Backyard lawn and patio.
Backyard fresh lawn cutting service in Oswego.
Lawn mowing stripes in residential property.
Residential lawn service.

Quality Lawn Care Services

Over time, lawns can become unhealthy for various reasons, including extreme hot temperatures, drought, pests, and poor maintenance. GTZ provides a full menu of quality lawn care services to help you keep your turf and plants healthy all year long.

Front lawn and ladscape areas in a Oswego residential home.
Front lawn and landscape areas in an Oswego residential home.

Full lawn and landscape services

We are a full service lawn, landscape, irrigation, and snow plowing company taking care of your outdoor spaces all year long. We service residential and commercial clients in Oswego, IL with the following services:

  • Complete lawn management services
  • Weekly lawn mowing services
  • Spring and fall clean ups
  • Tree, shrub, and plant installation
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Lawn aeration and dethatching
  • Lawn fertilizer and weed control
  • Top dressing with compost
  • Disease and pest control
  • Mulch installation and delivery
  • Patios, walkways, and retaining walls
  • Snow plowing and ice management

Year round Lawn and Landscape Services

Whether you have a small residential lawn care project or a commercial property that needs outdoor lawn management all year round, Our team of lawn and landscape professionals is here to provide the knowledge and experience to make your property more visually appealing. We are a one-stop for all your property lawn and landscape management needs.

Bush trimming services.
Bush trimming services.
Mowing service and leave pick up during fall season.
Paver installation residential property.
Mulch installation service plus retaining wall.
Retaining wall with fresh mulch.

Lawn maintenance

Let us implement a regular maintenance schedule to help you keep your lawn green, thick, and healthy all season long. Weekly lawn cutting, aeration, overseeding, lawn renovation, fertilizer, and weed control are some of our popular services we provide to help our Oswego clients witht all their lawn maintenance needs.

Landscaping services

Improving the outdoor areas of your property are a great way to improve property value and visual appeal. Our Oswego landscaping services covered all aspects of your garden, pavers, plants, and trees. We have customized plans to help you keep all of your landscaping in top notch.

Snow plowing

During the winter months, our crews work hard to keep your driveways, walkways, and parking areas free of snow. We offer snow plowing, snow shoveling, and ice management for residential and commercial clients.

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