Lawn Dethatching Service

Remove your thatch build-up and improve water, air, and nutrient absorption by your turf root system.

Lawn Dethatching / Power Rake Service

Thatch is one of the most overlooked aspects of keeping a healthy lawn, yet it makes a world of difference when done correctly. Thatch is the layer of dead grass, roots, and debris that collects between the soil and the green grass blades above. As time progresses, it forms a thick mat of spongy mush, hindering water and air from reaching the soil and providing an environment that can attract pests and unwanted diseases.

lawn dethatching crew
backyard lawn dethatching

When to dethatch the lawn?

Just like core aeration, we offer dethatching during spring and fall when temperatures are in the 60-70 degrees. In order to prepare your lawn for dethatching, mow your lawn at 2″ height, do not water your lawn the day before your dethatching service.

Ready to get your lawn dethatched?

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Dethatching includes removal and disposal of the collected debris.

Dethatching benefits

  • Removes the dead grass layer on the lawn
  • Reduces pests and fungal disease
  • Promotes healthier turf
  • Improves water uptake

What’s included with dethatching

We will dethatch your lawn with a professional walk behind dethatcher, collect and dispose of all the debris resulted from dethatching.