Mulch Installation

We offer spring and fall cleans ups.

Quality Mulch Installation

Mulch not only improves the landscape of the home, but also conserves water, shield your plants’ roots from extreme summer and winter temperature, and discourage the growth of weeds.

Decorative mulch can add color and texture to the space between plants, trees, and shrubs. Installing mulch is a simple process; here are even more reasons to look into getting mulch installed:

Benefits of mulch:

  • Reduces evaporation from the soil surface, cutting water use by 25-50%
  • Minimizes the growth of weeds
  • Controls erosion around the flower beds
  • Gives a finished look, improving aesthetic
  • Note: 1 yard of mulch covers around 130 sq. ft, about 3 inches deep
Front yard red mulch installation
brown mulch installation

Available mulch colors

We offer different types and colors of mulch, including red, brown (also known as chocolate), black, gold color, hardwood, cypress, and pine bark.

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We offer different types and colors of mulch.

Why install mulch

  • Improve plant moisture
  • Reduce weeds
  • Improve aesthetics
  • Control erosion

Mulching Service

Mulching includes delivery and installation at 3″ deep. Please contact us and let us know If you need flower bed preparation, cultivation, edging, weeding, or shrub trimming.